Friday, January 21, 2011

Cooper & Company

Today, I woke up around 4 a.m. to get ready for the drive to Athens to sing on the Cooper & Company show with Jamie and Gloria Cooper!!:) It was soooo much fun! Thank you Mr. Cooper for hitting me with a snowball!! Thanks to Mrs. Cooper for being such a fabulous hostess! Everyone there was so nice, and I look forward to doing this again!!

SINCE January 2003, WTZT-TV in Athens, AL, known as ZTV-11, has been Local and Lovin' It with shows that focus on local people and places in the Tennessee Valley. Jamie and Gloria Cooper own and operate ZTV-11, as well as host and produce the morning show, Cooper & Company ... On Knology and Mediacom.....or, view on-line......
Click the "WATCH US LIVE" LINK" ... archieved shows are also on YouTube.

Opening Song "Your Love Is Where I'm Found"

First question Mr. Cooper asked me, as we were chatting before the show, "Are you an Alabama fan?" Really, how do you get off on the right foot with a tried and true Bama fan, by telling him you are an Auburn fan?! So, I could have lied...but, I would rather him remember me as an Auburn fan, than a lying Auburn fan!! On the set, two rugs meet in the midde of the has the Auburn logo, and the other has the Alabama logo......for the first song, Mr. Cooper states that I have to stand on the Auburn rug......
When I came back to the mic for the second song, I noticed the mic had been moved, and there I was ...... "a house divided" foot on the Auburn rug and on on the Alabama rug ! So, I had to ask, "Mr. Cooper, are you trying to convert me?" Too have to watch him....he is quick, and sly......

Remember how I said Mr. Cooper was quick and sly ? He hit about 4 people in the studio with snow balls, including his wife, and me, while we were live ... on camera !!!!

What a whirlwind ... not a second wasted ... intros, guests being interviewed, quick breaks, songs sung, and lots of laughs ... met some really nice people, a Chic-fil-A rep, a very dapper dentist, a cameraman/musician named Corey, an anger management counselor, and a gentleman named Frank, who not only delivers a very accurate weather forecast, but bakes a mean chess pie!

Check out Cooper & Company ... but you better get up early!!!! Live 6:00 AM CT!

Tomorrow, Saturday the 22nd, I'll see you in Nashville for the Nashville Spotlight Showcase at the "World Famous" Nashville Palace!

Monday, January 17, 2011

What's Happening!

Hey, everybody! Just a quick note to let you know what's happening. We drove to Nashville on January 8th and were greeted by snow flurries when we hit the city limits! We had a busy day filming the Nashville Spotlight Valentine Show.

Our producer, Mike Jennings, does an awesome job of putting the shows together. It's a great learning experience. We taped two Valentine Shows and two regular shows. Nashville Spotlight airs on Nashville Cable TV Channel 19 weekly on Wednesday 8:30 PM, Thursday 2:30 PM, Friday 5:00 PM and Sunday 5:30 PM.

Hey look who we found behind the camera!
Jonell Polansky of DaCapo Music.
It was great seeing you again, Jonell!

We finished taping by 5:30, jumped in the car and headed back to Huntsville. No more snow flurries! But, it was cold ... Whew! We got back in Huntsville in time for me to sing in the last round of open mic at the Coffee Tree .... a fun place to be on Saturday nights ... then on for some hot wings with some fellow performing songwriters ... and up early on Sunday morning for church and Sunday school.

Sunday night it started snowing ... covering EVERYTHING within two hours. Okay, everybody got a lot of snow days, but since I home school it was pretty much business as usual for me. I did miss out on Driver's Education for a week. Did I mention that I'm learning to drive?!! Woo-hoo!
So, finally the snow melted and back to business ... oh, yeah ... and driving :) And ... coming up January 21st, Friday morning ... very, very early Friday morning, I'll be with Cooper & Company on WTZT-TV in Athens, Alabama. Known as ZTV-11, this station focuses on local people and places in the Tennessee Valley. This live performance broadcasts on cable television and will simulcast on the internet. I'm excited about being invited to sing on the show ... thanks to my friend, George Wells, who set up everything.

Saturday, January 22nd, I'm heading back to Nashville for another awesome Nashville Spotlight Mini-Showcase at the "World Famous" Nashville Palace. The show starts at Noon and will run until 6:00 PM. If you are in the area, drop in for the show. I would love to meet you! Meanwhile, check out my MySpace.

(Our weatherman is predicting more snow in the next few days...brrrr!)

"I'll See You Soon"