Friday, August 24, 2012

MaryJustice Lucas YouTube Channel

Dear Blogger Buddies!
I could really use your help and support right now. Please watch my video! This is one of my favorites that was done some time ago and I had so much fun working on this project. I had an awesome crew to work with. (You may want to click pause on my playlist in the sidebar.)

A very special thanks goes out to
Jeff Wyatt Wilson (DP/Director)
Eric Nelson - Production/Drums/Backup Vocals
Mike Waldron - Electric Guitar/Mixing
Randy Coleman - Drums Track Engineer
Charles Jones - Acoustic Guitar/Bass
Madd Talent Management and Production

Fix You - ColdPlay Cover by MaryJustice Lucas

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Believe me, I am serious when I say I would be so honored if you click the YouTube Logo below and

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There are a few more videos and more to follow. Your support means so much to me. I take my music seriously, as performing and writing songs is my chosen career path. I realize and have already experienced the hard work it takes. I realize that in order to subscribe you have to open a YouTube account and some of you may not want to do that, but if you just watch the video all the way to the end it will count as a "hit" or play. Plays from your computer I.P. address only count one time, but your smart phone would count and  the play from this blog link counts. I would appreciate if you would help me spread the word. I respond to all comments and appreciate your input.
Thank you so much, and thanks for stopping by my blog!

Monday, August 20, 2012

School Started Today!

Well, for some of my friends, today was the first day of the new school year. Since I home school I am ALWAYS in school! But, it is time to get down to some serious business as this is my senior year and there's lots to accomplish. 

I've had a busy summer and have totally enjoyed it ... did some recording at Capricorn Studios in Nashville ... helped to host two awesome Artist Contests for Madd Talent Management at the Hard Rock Cafe in Nashville ... performed in a terrific Madd Talent Concert at the Hard Rock Cafe ... did an awesome show at The Rutledge in Nashville (met some awesome, talented singers!) ... had a wonderful trip to Six Flags with some friends a couple of weeks ago. Throw in several Showcases at my favorite place, The Coffee Tree Books & Brew, with my friends Just Hannah, Matt Morrow, and Andrew Velez. Shot and produced a video for my fellow songwriter Jerry Mungle. What a hoot. He's having the World Premiere of the "movie" soon! I know I did lots of other things but right now that's about all I can think of. Yep, I do get busy but who wants to be bored!!!?

Ahhh ... now it's time to get down to some serious business!

I am trying to build up my "LIKES" numbers....I know my music style might not be for everyone, but if you like even one of my songs or one of my covers or one of my videos, or if you just like me, please help me out by clicking the "LIKE" button a the top of my music page. ♥

Help me get more fans and friends on ReverbNation and more plays of my songs. We're working on getting more new songs up soon. I try my best to answer all my mail and send comments to my fellow RN members. I've met some really nice artists there. Please come and join us, either as an artist or a fan. You don't have to subscribe to listen to the music!

I need lots more plays on my videos and more subscribers and favorites. I'm also working on some new videos to upload to my YouTube channel. I answer all my mail and comments. I browse around on YouTube, watch videos myself and there's a lot of great variety there! I know some of you may not want to set up an account to subscribe, but you don't have to open an account to watch my videos. When you watch to the end, it will count as a hit and the "hits" are important to me! YouTube counts one hit per computer I.P. address so please share my link and help me spread the word! I appreciate your support so very much. Thanks.

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'til next time, may God Bless each of you, my sweet Blogger Buddies!