Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Second Week of the New Year

The New Year  started off in a strange way for me! When I was very young I was sick with colds or some kind of virus at Christmas. I remember when it was almost Christmastime, I would start asking Mom over and over, "Will I get sick?" I haven't been sick on Christmas for a long time, but immediately after this Christmas, a "common" cold hit me. "Common!" Nothing common about this! I had to cancel the showcase with Andrew Velez, but our friend Ken Cooper jumped right in and took my place. Thanks, Ken! I know you guys did a great show. You are the greatest!

So, another week goes by and I took all sorts of stuff for sore throat, congestion... you know the drill. My friend Dylan Davis had his debut show on the first Friday of the New Year, and had asked me to do a couple of songs. My throat was still giving me some problem but I didn't want to let him down on his first show. I got through "Poison and Wine" with Matt Morrow and later did "Skinny Love," a new cover I recently started singing. Got through that with good results and the audience seemed to like it. Saturday morning, laryngitis ... speechless. The voice is getting better and I feel much better. I'm hitting the books really hard right now and waiting for my throat to heal. I have lots of new songs to do and anxious to get back to the studio to finish some songs.

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