Monday, January 21, 2013

The Foyer - Huntsville

Let us entertain you at the Foyer - Huntsville

My pal, Matt Morrow and I do a lot of shows together. Someone on YouTube recently posted a comment asking if we were related. The answer to that question is "No." Matt is like my big brother. We met about three years ago at the MOVA Songwriters Competition. Both of us have been winners of that competition, but that year neither  us charmed the judges:( Matt lives in Guntersville and started making the trek to Huntsville frequently for open mics. The beginning of a great friendship between Matt's family and mine! He asked me to do harmonies on his album, "Burlap and Gold" ... had an awesome time recording with Matt and we soon started doing shows and songwriters rounds together. Matt is a multi-talented musician, vocalist, photographer and sketch artist.  . Watch our video below. We covered the Taylor Swift/Civil Wars song "Safe and Sound" and Matt played all the instruments!

Friday night at the Foyer,  a new venue for us, we'll do our individual originals, a little back up singing for each other, some duets, and covers that I know you'll enjoy.  We are really excited to be playing at the Foyer and looking forward to seeing you!

And of course Coffee! My mom says their lattes are awesome, and she surprised me with  a piece of their peanut butter crumble cheese cake that was out of this world!!!

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We are expecting to have a great time and invite you to come and join in the fun! We start singing at 9:00PM, so come on and get a spot and your coffee, soft drink, dessert or snack! They will even let you create your own "Experimental" drink!!! See you there!