Monday, November 05, 2012

B.A.T.L.E. AIDS - Teens Awareness

"I had the best time at the B.A.T.L.E. AIDS (Bands, Awareness, Teens & Live Entertainment) event at Lowe Mill Entertainment Center! An important message for all teens to hear.

SO MUCH TALENT: Boats Against Current,  Saints Don't Grieve, Kids Full of Cars, Izzy Miller & Smokin' Joe Gambrell , and The Ledges!

And so many sweet and amazing people! I just want to say thank you to everyone and for all your kind words.

 Megan PlotkaCassidy RobyJames Park, me and Hazel Sarmiento

Thank you, Teen Council, for inviting me and creating such a wonderful event! Thank you Cassidy Roby and Hazel Sarmiento for making the night even more fun! Love ya'll!  

It was so good to see Dalton Tibbles, Maddie Davie, and Mason Baumann! Thank you, James Park, for your support and kind words! You are so sweet!

Megan Plotka, thank you! When you said that my music made you feel something, you made my night!

I've always said even if I never make it big with my music career, win an AMA or a Grammy (haha), or walk the red carpet, if I can write music that makes people feel something, then I am completely satisfied and happy. That's exactly what I want to do as a performing songwriter :) So thank you so much for telling me that! God has blessed me so much and continues to bless me.

May all the glory be HIS