Sunday, November 03, 2013

MaryJustice & The Pacemakers

God has started painting His beautiful landscapes with the brilliant colors of Autumn! So, take in this beauty with a drive along the winding country roads and enjoy the scenery on your way to Lynchburg, Tennessee to the BBQ Caboose! Meet us there Saturday, November 9th at 10:00 AM for a fun show with MaryJustice & The Pacemakers! This show is live but will be broadcast through radio station WLIJ 1580 AM out of Shelbyville, Tennessee, with Paul Jones, Radio Host of the "Old Time Country Radio Show."

Most of you who read this blog frequently, probably know all about me that you want to know. 

"MaryJustice has a passion for songwriting, and entertaining. Whether considered Pop, Indie or New Country, her songs appeal to teens as well as older music lovers. A multi-award winning singer and songwriter from Huntsville, Alabama, MaryJustice has performed regularly in North Alabama and Nashville since she was 14. She has recorded demos and harmonies for other songwriters."

There is more but that's enough about me for right now!

Jerry Mungle describes himself as “just a good ole boy from Tennessee who grew up in his Dad's feed store in Hartsville, Tennessee, where they played cards and country music. Jerry writes a lot of comedy parodies, some political, but he is always fair and balanced and writes about left and right and right and wrong. A delight to hear and watch as he entertains with that boyish grin and twinkle in his eyes. He also has a serious side and his renditions of good old-time gospel brings back childhood memories of good old country churches and dinner on the ground.

Earl Watts was born in Wheeler Texas. He lived in Pampa Texas until the age of nine. His father became a preacher and moved the family to the little town of Daylight Tennessee just outside McMinnville where he bought a tent for tent revivals and the family moved around a lot after that doing God’s work or as Earl likes to call it “Saving souls and damming sinners”. The revivals would usually move on to another location after a couple of weeks. During those times he was exposed to a lot of gospel music which he still loves to this day. It was during those days he also learned a few chords on his father’s old Kay guitar. Those days taught him a lot about human behavior and left him with a lot to draw on for song writing. Earl is laid back and is quite the philosopher!

Although Jerry and Earl are solo entertainers they frequently join as “Two Old Men & Some Songs.” Two Old Men & Some Songs is just that … Two old men who love to write songs, sing songs and play guitar. Both are successful business men. Jerry is a realtor and Earl manufactures specialized parts for industrial doors and windows. Sometimes their businesses get in the way of their hobby of entertaining with their music and stories of the inspiration behind each song.

So, being the deep thinker and comedian , Jerry held a Facebook contest to name our first show together. The hands-down winner was fellow songwriter, Larry Cole who suggested "MaryJustice and The Pacemakers" so I suppose this is who we are as a trio!
I hope you'll make the beautiful road trip and join us. It's early enough in the day that you will probably be back home to watch your "Team" on  TV or catch them on the radio from the car radio as you enjoy the rest of the day!