Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Name That Event Contest Winner!!

Jerry Mungle - Facebook
"I posted the NAME THAT EVENT CONTEST about 3-4 days ago and I set a deadline of 12:00 PM Saturday, September 21, for entering the contest. However, several factors have forced me to stop the entries and declare a winner NOW. The poster maker wants the event name to put on the event poster; can you imagine that? The T-shirt maker wants to know what to put on the event T-shirts. However, the biggest factor is that Larry Cole's entry (MaryJustice and the Pacemakers) is so far ahead that no one else can catch him. Even one of his competitors voted for Larry's event name instead of voting for his own entry. For his winning entry, Larry will receive FREE admission to the event, a free drink, a T-shirt with his winning entry on it, multiple CDs from the event performers, and recognition of his winning event name at the event. Congratulations, Larry!"

Larry Cole - Contest Winner

So come join us 
Saturday, September 21, 2013 - 6:00PM

D'licious Dining and Smokehouse Grill 
255 Pratt Avenue in Huntsville Alabama 

Sunday, September 15, 2013


Jerry A Mungle posted on Facebook: NAME THAT EVENT CONTEST!!! 

"MaryJustice Lucas; a pretty young girl who sings, plays guitar, and writes songs; has accepted an invitation to perform with Two Old Men and Some Songs (Earl Watts and Jerry Mungle) 
D'licious Dining and Smokehouse Grill 
255 Pratt Avenue in Huntsville Alabama on September 21 at 6:00 PM.

For lack of a better name for this event, the temporary title of the event is "Two Old Men, A Pretty Young Girl, and Some Songs". However, I know we can do better than that. Therefore, we are having a NAME THAT EVENT contest. Some examples of names that have come up are "Two Old Goats and a Sweet Note" and "A Rose Between Two Thorns". Please tell us below what your recommendation is for the name of this event. The deadline for entries is 12:00 PM Saturday 21. The person who submits the winning event name will receive all of the following: FREE admission to the event, recognition as the winner at the event, one or more CDs from one or more of the event performers, a free drink (tea coffee, or water) to be served at the event, and possibly some other prizes not yet identified."

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Yum, Yum! "D'licious Dining" and great entertainment!

This will be a fun evening. These two are so much fun and great songwriters. Jerry's parodies are serious, thought provoking and also hilarious! Please click on the link to their blog! We are all three on ReverbNation so check us out.