Tuesday, June 11, 2013

eXtreme Tour 2013! Unforgettable ♥

We all are playing music for the same purpose.
To bring glory to God, to spread His love,
to be prayer warriors, to reach out to those usually left unnoticed.
I will never forget this experience or the beautiful people I met,
or my beautiful tour family 
Thank, you guys, so much! I had the time of my life :') 

Martial Artist, Rick Alonzo (left)

Rick Alonzo, standing at the left side of the painting, painted this picture. With a song playing in the background, Rick does martial arts moves, flips and leaps, hitting the canvas with martial arts weapons and brushes dipped in paint. He does not miss a move. It is incredible to see the painting form right before your eyes in under five minutes. It's truly breathtaking. This photo was taken at the The Objective (pre-tour events) at Rocketown, Nashville, TN.

Rocketown is a youth center built by Christian Singer, Michael W. Smith. Kids come to study, meet friends, hangout, use the indoor Skate Board Rink, with counselors available for them. There are several stages for musical events. This was a wonderful place for The Objective. Michael W. Smith is more than a singer and Dove Award Winner. His story of his musical journey and ministry was a blessing to all of us. 

The Objective 2013 - Nashville, TN

We all went out to a neighborhood that needed some love, and had a party:) There was a food truck, "Two Guys in a Lunchbox" who served free grilled cheese and fries. There was also free ice cream!  We had a concert with some of the eXtreme Tour bands. It was amazing! 
Everyone was amazed by Dan Meyer, Ripley's Believe It or Not 
and three time Guinness World Record Holder for SWORD SWALLOWING! 
And, he is an awesome singer! 

More to follow 
so, watch this page!