Thursday, November 14, 2013

Music Department Fall Concert

Hi, guys! I am so excited to announce our Fall Concert. Being a member of the Calhoun Community College Guitar Ensemble is such an honor for me. The members are all such talented musicians. We have played for several civic organizations in Decatur, Alabama. I have played guitar to accompany myself when I perform and being a member of the ensemble has given me an opportunity to play along with others. We have a variety of guitars, acoustic, electric, classical, etc., in addition to the bass and mandolin. And, sometimes the ukulele! It all comes together so nicely under the direction of Emily Jones Davis. She is an awesome musician with a lovely voice. I have been blessed that we have worked up some of my original songs to perform and that I get to sing also! Such a wonderful experience! We do such a great variety of music!

I'm just bubbling over with excitement and wanted to share with everyone!