Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Wishing everyone a Happy Valentine's Day. Make someone happy! Send cards, a cupcake, flowers. Say, "I love you" to your friend, brother, sister, mother, father! You don't have to be a "sweetheart" to be someone's Valentine!

There are all kinds of love. Do not forget Agape love!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Thank you!

A big "Thank You" to all the awesome members of Songwriters for Survivors who performed last Saturday for our special benefit for the Michael Sexton family.

Another big "Thank You" to the wonderful People & Fans who joined us at Pablo's on Market in Athens, Alabama for the immediate needs benefit for the Michael Sexton family.

A BIG Thank You to John Tinger who put this together, found the venue and hosted the event.

Thank you to Pablo's on Market for generously letting us meet at your beautiful coffee/book/art store. Awesome place, everybody. If you are in Athens, Alabama, please don't forget to drop in and enjoy all they have to offer, books, artwork, coffee, food, desserts! Located in the historic downtown Athens. Open 10am - 5pm six days a week.

We had a great time. No sound system but everyone could hear very well. Laid-back and informal open mic with everyone gathered around in chairs, neat little booths ... making requests ... it was a lot of fun. Several songwriters came by just to support and we cajoled them into singing for us. We had a steady flow of people who came in to make donations. We raised $1331 which is an awesome amount for a quick get-together with very little advertising. Our Treasurer, Tom Pepper (awesome songwriter himself) has cut a check on its way directly to Amy Sexton for her family's immediate use.
Hey! Someone is missing from this photo!

Again, thanks to all the wonderful singers who donated their time, talent and money for this benefit:

Taylor McLain
Alaina Wiley
 Ken Cooper
Jim Parker
John Tinger
Mike Johnson
Robert Barnes
Randy Hudson
MaryJustice Lucas
Andrew Velez
Robin Stewart
Roger Hoselton
Randall Wilks
David Stocks
Tom McClung
Del McGee

About Us

Songwriters for Survivors is a collaboration of songwriters and musicians in the Tennessee Valley. Our goal is to organize benefit concerts to raise funds that will help meet the needs of the citizens of North Alabama who have been devastated by various disasters.
We were founded after the tornado outbreak of April 25-28, 2011 when the towns of Harvest and Phil Campbell, and surrounding areas, were devastated.
Do not forget, click the link above and continue to generously donate through our website PayPal link. More events are on the calendar so check our website often!