Thursday, September 08, 2011

Update, Update, Update!

I can't believe it's been over a month since I updated this blog. I've been busy with a lot of stuff, things, happenings! All good for which I am very thankful. The Lord keeps blessing me in so many ways. As mentioned previously, we had a wonderful time in San Francisco. A trip I'll always remember. The showcase with Matt Morrow in Florence was great. First time I've done a show "unplugged" ... something happened and the sound system did not make it, but Matt and I did okay. The Rivertown Coffee Company has a small room that opens into the larger room and the acoustics were great.

The photo shoot in Nashville was so much fun. The crew from The Arts Institute of Tennessee-Nashville  and the location were awesome! My thanks to Bryce Wallace, Director and Tyler Bicknell, Photographer.

Then, a couple of weeks later I had a session with Producer John Inglese to work arrangements for some of my songs. Great learning experience! And, another work session on a cover song for a video... can't wait to shoot the video! Then, a few days later. went to the studio to record three of my songs. Please click my ReverbNation link in the side bar to visit ... songs will be up soon. I'm very excited and anxious to share with you. I need the traffic and lots of fans, followers on Twitter and Facebook! I appreciate your help and support.

One wonders how such awesome things happen ... I ran into my friends, The Boyle Brothers, again by chance at the Commodore and had a good time catching up with what's happening with them.

They were gracious enough to go into the parking lot and give my friends, Karen, GraceE, and me a mini-concert before we played for open mic! Thanks guys! I love running into you unexpectedly in Nashville.

Over Labor Day week-end, we made a trip to Nashville to the Palace to meet my long-time MySpace friends, Sam and Luke.
They were performing at Mike Jenning's Nashville Spotlight Show on Sunday. It was so great meeting them after three years of messaging via MySpace and ReverbNation! We never seemed to be in Nashville at the same time! Sam and Luke are from Canada and recently moved to Nashville.

I wasn't booked for Mike's show this year, but Mike told me to warm up my guitar and get ready to sing three or four songs. I was honored to be included in the show. Thank you, Mike Jennings! We visited with other friends who were playing that day and then headed out to the Commodore Grill for open mic with Debi Champion. Ms. Champion booked me for a songwriter's round in October ... Looking forward to that and will update on that later.

Don't worry. Yes, I am doing my school work! Again, thank you for stopping by my blog and for your support and good wishes.