Friday, March 07, 2014

Chasing Dreams: Meet Ray Bertram

Ray Bertram is one of my LinkedIn friends. His story is an inspiration to us all and I thought since I had not written on this blog for some time due to various circumstances, sharing Ray's inspiring story would be a good way to get back on track. So, please read his story and watch his videos and I think you'll understand what I mean. Chase your dreams!!!


Hello, my name is W. Ray Bertram. I am the executive director and producer of Blind Man’s Bluff Productions, the creator of the ”This Is Arkansas” videography/documentary project, and known throughout Arkansas as “The Blind Film Maker of Arkansas.” Over the years I have come to suffer from a condition known as optic neuropathy and, while I can no longer see well enough to drive or comb my own hair, my production team and I continue to enjoy working together and moving forward in the face of it all. And, through “This Is Arkansas,” we are seeking to recognize that which makes our state so special, promote that which makes it such a special place to live and visit, to celebrate everything that we find along the way … and all the while seeking to provide an encouraging example of just how capable today’s disabled community can be in the midst of our modern age.

I would like to invite you to explore the work that Blind Man’s Bluff Productions is doing with an eye toward examining how we might be able to assist you within your own personal work, your company’s and business’s various workings and goals … and perhaps even how we might be able to work a cooperative project together. Below you’ll find a few of our links that will assist you in this way.

In addition to doing film work I have also enjoyed some fortunate associations in the music world, too. I have seen between 150 and 200 songs produced around my writing in various parts of the world and I will be happy to share links pertaining to these if you would like to explore that facet of my work.

Furthermore, in Blind man’s Bluff we have built our entire production platform based largely on what I like to refer to as today’s “readily available technologies and easily accessible social Medias.” Toward that end, one of the things that we enjoy doing is speaking and presenting to businesses, communities, schools, and various civic groups about how people of all ages and backgrounds now have the power to take today’s toys and entertaining past times, use and apply them creatively, and begin becoming tomorrow’s captains of industry right now. Our presentations are both educational and motivational as we invite our audiences to examine the opportunities that now exist all around them and guide them in an exploration of all of the potential that they now have. So if you would like to speak with me about a potential speaking or presentation engagement, then please feel free to email, text, or call me at your convenience. 

Take care in the meantime, and enjoy the show … because “This Is Arkansas.” 

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W. Ray Bertram
"This Is Arkansas"
Executive Director & Producer
Blind Man's Bluff Productions

As you read and click the links that take you to even more places showing Ray's work, you will see why he is an inspiration. Not letting a disability hold him down, productive, positive, successful! Get to know Ray Bertram.