Friday, October 26, 2012

Time For A Commercial!!

Hello to all my Blogger Buddies! I would love for you to help me out. I need a big bunch of subscribers to my YouTube Channel and lots of plays on my videos. New videos will go up soon, hopefully of my original songs. And, while I'm doing this "commercial," I would love for you to "fan" me on ReverbNation, and LIKE  my Facebook Music Page with a big "thumbs up." Your support means to much to me. I notice you are stopping by to visit my blog, but would really love to get some comments from everyone!

This video was shot by one of my YouTube and Facebook friends, Stephen Wong from Philadelphia. He happened to be in Nashville pitching one of his songs and came to the Hotel Indigo to hear me. It is so nice to "run into" someone you only "see" on Facebook! Thanks, Mr. Wong!  I wrote this song after my friend called one day to tell me she met this neat boy that she really liked. She told me all his great qualities and then said "I never know when he's telling the truth." I didn't think that was a good thing, but it inspired me to write this song! That's what songwriters do ... if it makes us feel ... good, bad, hurt, or even  indifferent, we write about it! :)

Cover video of ColdPlay's Fix You ... my first "pro" video. Had a great crew on this video. Took about 45 minutes for Jeff Wyatt Wilson of Nashville to shoot this. He was great to work with. I'm playing guitar, but Charles Jones, the boss, is playing  lead guitar on this. Eric Nelson  on drums and my back-up singer.

So, thanks for stopping by. Gotta run. On Saturday, November 3rd, if you are looking for something nice to do and are nearby, drop by The Hilltop Arts Festival in Historic Downtown Elkmont, Alabama. No flea market stuff here ... all art by local artists and music all day. I'm singing around 3:30. Opens at 9:00 am and ends with poetry reading in the Red Caboose that evening.

'Til next time ... love you guys!