Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Random Happenings!

So, it's been almost another month since my last update! Thought I would let you know ... I'm not just sitting around :) Of course you know school is my top priority!

Made a couple of recent trips to Nashville to work on some projects. I'm very excited about both of them. Can't talk too much about them right now, but hope they release soon. Tracks are all finished and need to get the videos finished. These things take so long!!! I was so excited that my friend Matt Morrow joined me on one of the projects. It's a surprise!  It will be awesome!  I can't wait to share it with you! So, can you tell I'm excited about it?

May 5th  - Come join me in Madison, Alabama for Madison Derby Days. There will be large television screens to watch the Derby, hot air balloons. Nashville Songwriters will perform at the Gazebo on the Village Green on Historic Main Street. Music starts at 11:00AM. I'm on at 4:00PM. I'll be looking for you.

May 11th - Songwriter's Round at the Coffee Tree Books & Brew in Huntsville.  Songwriter, Will Westmoreland of Scottsboro, Alabama has invited me to join him  and some of his songwriter friends from Nashville for this show. It starts at 7:00. Come early to get a good table. Miss Kitty's food, desserts and beverages are awesome!

May 12th - As most of you know I'm a member of Songwriters for Survivors which was started after the devastating tornadoes of April 2011 to help support and rebuild. This is an on-going project for us. Join us in Florence, Alabama at FloBama Downtown for a fundraiser to help the Hackleburg School Students replace computer equipment. The show starts at 11:00 AM and will run until 8:00PM. I will be singing around 6:00.  This event is coordinated by Susan Belk. She has recruited Pro songwriters from Nashville and other places to donate their talent and time for this fundraiser. More information and surprises on this later... it is exciting!

I have to run for now...hear History calling my name! 'Til next time. Love you guys!